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Cot Canopy Breeze

Cot Canopy Breeze

While sleep training for a family in Balham recently, Mum showed me a very useful product you can use if you do not have a way of darkening the bedroom. It is the ‘Cot Canopy Breeze’ and it can be found on the Content & Calm website. It’s very handy if you are travelling.

Start of my blog - Baby Thomas

Brenda the Nanny and baby Thomas


What better way to start my blog off is by telling you about baby Thomas. What a good boy!

Baby Thomas started sleeping regularly from 11pm to 7am at 6 weeks of age. He is a formula fed baby so has a slight advantage on a breast fed baby in that formula takes longer to digest, therefore he is able to sustain longer periods in between feeds. He rarely cries and appears content and calm most of the time.

I looked after Thomas two nights a week for 6 weeks but the praise goes to first time parents Danielle and John who are doing a wonderful job. Well done both of you!

Off to Dubai next week for a few days of consultations and group meetings......