Option 1

A personal one to one consultation in your home lasting up to three hours. Brenda will start the ball rolling with tips and practical advice and a detailed plan for you to follow or written report . Regular monitoring by phone/text/email will follow. You have continued support 24/7 for up to a month afterwards following the visit.

Option 2

Overnight support for a minimum of two nights, hours to be arranged with you. Regular monitoring by phone/text/email will follow. Continued support 24/7 for a month afterwards following the nights.

Option 3

Book Brenda as your night nanny for regular advice, support and a full nights sleep. Nights and hours can be flexible to your individual needs.

Option 4

A consultation on Skype or Facetime. This service offers the same ongoing support afterwards 24/7 for up to a month. Brenda has Skyped to over 20 countries and around the UK reaching out to parents.

Option 5

A combination of option 1 and 2 above.

Option 6

A telephone call of 30 minutes and one week of support afterwards..

"Brenda is a real professional and we trusted her completely. She had a gently caring but firm approach which we would affectionately (and respectfully) describe as old school." Dr. Matthew Harris, North London.

Whichever option you choose the advice will be clear and easy to follow and Brenda will talk ahead so you are aware of the changes and keep ahead of developments.

Extended Support

Brenda extends her support by putting you in touch with other parents who are having similar challenges.