Julia, Windsor - James, 7 weeks


When my baby was 7 weeks old, I was exhausted from lack of sleep and constant breastfeeding. I felt that I had no family or friends I could rely on for advice. I found the usual NHS services inadequate and inconsistent. I called Brenda. She responded immediately. This is one of the most valuable aspect of her service. There is no week long wait for an appointment, she comes to visit as soon as she can. When every day is a struggle, this is really important.

Brenda gave me clear, confident advice to help me and my baby get proper rest. She had logical, robust answers to my questions. She provided frequent, remote support to make sure I was getting on ok.

Within 12 hours of her visit, my baby was noticeably calmer and more content. Brenda showed me how to settle my baby to sleep. It was like being shown how to turn water into wine! I was amazed at how well my baby responded to her techniques and to being in a routine. She gave me advice about breastfeeding and gave me a routine to follow for sleeping and feeding. I started to enjoy motherhood. I had time in the evenings to spend with my husband. I had time in the day for myself when the baby would nap.

I have never looked back from the day of Brenda’s visit. I have continued to use her routines and follow her advice. And if I ever have doubts that I am doing the right thing, I just have to look at my thriving, contented baby.....