About Brenda

Brenda Hart is a qualified and professional nanny offering a personal and practical hands on approach to solving parenting challenges you may be having. Brenda does this by working with you in your home with an unbiased approach which is personalised to you and your family life.

Being a parent can be an isolating job. Brenda will come to your home and personalise her service to your individual child’s needs and family life. Brenda’s ethos is to teach the parents to steer their baby in the right direction or train their child to be self contained, independent and self motivated.

The service can help with:

  • Sleep
  • Weaning
  • Changing from breast to bottle.
  • Reflux guidance.
  • Fussy Eaters.
  • General behaviour and discipline.
  • Potty training.
  • Establishing a routine.
  • Finding a night nanny, maternity nurse, daily nanny, live in live out, temporary or permanent.
  • Supprt via Skype, Facetime, telephone, or a visit.
  • Covering London, the UK and worldwide.


"We feel our lives have truly changed for the better since we met you. You are literally a life saver and we can’t thank you enough." Fiona, Oxfordshire.

Brenda's Background

Brenda has been helping parents for over 30 years. Originally trained as a NNEB (National Nursery Enrolment Board Certificate) in Nursery Nursing in 1979. A Montessori Diploma in Montessori teaching followed and so did teaching in London’s schools and nurseries.

Taking her experience and practical teaching overseas she worked in the Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, Saudi Arabia, The Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi and the Colegio Gran Bretana School in Bogota, Colombia. It was her work in the special care baby unit with the premature babies in Abu Dhabi and as a night nurse in private homes which lay down the foundations for her expertise with very young babies.

"I just can’t believe it took just one Skype call to sort it all out. The irony is, I now have trouble stopping her sleeping, haha." Naomi, Chester

A practical approach

Having had a mother who dedicated her life to her family, Brenda has a very hands on practical approach that gives you a clear and easy plan to follow. She will come and work with you in your home where ever you are in the UK, consult on challenges you are having and demonstrate how to help and guide your children.

Brenda works with many leading agencies and organisations and is registered with Ofsted.

"Brenda’s work as a night nurse in our home went beyond the call of duty to help us through some difficult situations." Katherine, Clapham.