Bespoke Services


Option 1

A personal one to one consultation in your home lasting up to three hours with some practical help and to make a start to your individual programme. Many parents find this option is enough to sort it all and the continued daily support afterwards is flexible and unlimited for a three week period.

Part 1- A face to face visit to start the ball rolling. While observing daily life in your home like doing a feed together, your child may eat a meal, take a nap, play, etc. During this time questions will be asked and answered. A personalised plan is made and a comprehensive solution will be given to your child or children's individual and family needs. 

Part 2 - Continued support for three weeks afterwards. The first few days the contact is at least once a day via a What's App family group, phone, messaging, email, etc. The support continues for three weeks. The parent is able to make contact day or night, any number of times. The help is totally flexible and unrestricted. 

Part 3 - (Optional) An extension of help for a further three weeks from ..... £65. This can continue for as long as you want it to and is particuarly helpful for mums who have very young babies between 0 to 4 months when the routine is constantly changing.

Option 2

The same service as option 1 but a virtual meeting on Zoom, Skype or Facetime. The consultation is very informal and if the parent has to attend to their children during the course of the meeting this is fine. Brenda has done virtual meetings with families worldwide and around the UK. It has proved to be a very successful way of reaching more families.

Option 3

Overnight sleep consulting and support, hours to be arranged with you from ...... £250 per night.

Option 4

Week by week night nursing for regular advice, support and a full nights sleep from...... £190 per night. Nights and hours can be flexible to your individual needs. This can continue for as long as you want and for any number of nights each week until your baby sleeps through the night and you have a good routine in place day and night.

Option 5

A 24 hour period of practical help and guidance.

Option 6

A telephone call followed by two weeks od support.



"Brenda is a real professional and we trusted her completely. She had a gently caring but firm approach which we would affectionately (and respectfully) describe as old school." Dr. Matthew Harris, North London.

Whichever option you choose the advice will be clear and easy to follow.  Brenda will talk ahead so you are aware of the changes and how you can 'tweek' the routine ahead.

Extended Support

Brenda extends her support by putting you in touch with other parents who are having similar challenges.