Victoria, Chiswick - Siena 2.5 Years

Sleep Training
Fussy Eating

We sought Brenda's help with our daughter Siena because even at almost 2.5 years she was still not regularly sleeping through the night, getting her down to sleep was a nightly battle and she would always wake up screaming several times in the evening. She was also not eating well and was generally unhappy and hard work during the daytime. With a 3.5 year old also in the house (who had also started waking at 5am) this was making life extremely challenging!

Eventually we decided to get some help and Brenda was recommended. She came to visit on the same day we contacted her, observed our bedtime routine and immediately recommended some simple but very effective changes to how we were doing things with both children. We were hoping it would help but had no idea that Brenda's advice would transform things literally overnight. By following her recommendations and sticking to them our little girl has become a perfect sleeper, is eating far, far better and has generally become a much happier, more content little girl. We never knew that our little girl was capable of eating so much. It is a joy and pleasure to see her eating her food now and can only assume that once we got the sleeping fixed then the eating and behaviour would follow suit. It is really quite remarkable, the change in her in such a short space of time. Our boy is also sleeping in until 7am each day.

It has made a massive difference to our lives and we can't recommend Brenda highly enough. If you are having sleeping, eating or general behavioural problems get in touch with Brenda.

Samantha, Dulwich - Single mum with Huey 6 months

Sleep Training
Changing from breast to bottle

I was recommended Brenda by a friend and it was the best thing I ever did to get in contact with her. My son, Huey, was waking every 1-2 hours at night at 5 months and I couldn't take much more, especially being a single mother. Brenda's no nonsense consultation and advice was second to none and even after 24 hours, things improved drastically, in all areas of Huey's life. She was at the end of a phone 24-7 which was such a great thing to have. Now my son is so happy, is sleeping through the night and is on solids and 3 bottles a day and is only just 6 months. Plus I have managed to get him onto the bottle too after failing miserably before to try and stop breastfeeding, Brenda helped with this too.
Get in touch NOW, don't wait any longer!!!

Louise, Dulwich - Sofia 9 Years



I’d be happy to provide some feedback...
We were experiencing behavioural difficulties with our extremely wilful and determined 9 year old daughter.  Brenda was recommended to us and following an initial telephone conversation we felt Brenda would be able to help. She has provided structure, guidance and some great tools that we now use consistently and as a result, our daughters behaviour has improved significantly in 3 weeks! Brenda was on hand whenever we needed additional advice and support, regularly checking in and reassuring us along the way. We now feel confident to deal with any future issues in a calm, consistent and fair way. We’d recommend Brenda for any parent needing additional support even with older children! 

Jo, North Wales - Twins 4.5 months

Sleep Training

With a 3 month old and 4.5 month old twins life was a bit of a blur! I knew what I had to do as I had done it with my older boy-I needed a routine but try as I might I could not achieve this. I was letting them cry and cry but I would relent by getting them up or giving them milk. I was worried one would wake the other or the older one and I was existing each day. Brenda took time to listen and go through a standard day on Skype. She was direct by pinpointing the issues and listened to my concerns. The routine and advice was straight forward and she had advice for every 'but what if this happened' that I raised. Within 3 hours the house was calmer, within 3 days the boys were sleeping 7pm to 7am and taking naps consistently and predictable through the day. It wasn't easy but it was quick and Brenda was available when my resolve looked like it was going to fail me. I cannot stress enough the difference this has made to myself and my husband. Brenda-apologies this has taken me so long to send. So much to catch up on now I have time to myself. In the 3.5 months since I have followed your advice I have not had one broken nights sleep, even when they have been unwell. Thank you so much x

Jane, Wandsworth - Alexander 5 months

Sleep Training
Changing from breast to bottle

Brenda helped us with ongoing night time waking at 5 months and later establishing bottle feeding. Both consultations had immediate 100% success within 24 hours (the latter, 12). My initial cynicism was replaced by awe and we haven't had a single disturbed night in the last 3 months! It really is very simple - follow her steps to the letter and you can't fail. The best bit? Advice on tap 24/7 - something you don't get from a book.

Julia, Windsor - James, 7 weeks


When my baby was 7 weeks old, I was exhausted from lack of sleep and constant breastfeeding. I felt that I had no family or friends I could rely on for advice. I found the usual NHS services inadequate and inconsistent. I called Brenda. She responded immediately. This is one of the most valuable aspect of her service. There is no week long wait for an appointment, she comes to visit as soon as she can. When every day is a struggle, this is really important. Brenda gave me clear, confident advice to help me and my baby get proper rest. She had logical, robust answers to my questions. She provided frequent, remote support to make sure I was getting on ok. Within 12 hours of her visit, my baby was noticeably calmer and more content. Brenda showed me how to settle my baby to sleep. It was like being shown how to turn water into wine! I was amazed at how well my baby responded to her techniques and to being in a routine. She gave me advice about breastfeeding and gave me a routine to follow for sleeping and feeding. I started to enjoy motherhood. I had time in the evenings to spend with my husband. I had time in the day for myself when the baby would nap. I have never looked back from the day of Brenda’s visit. I have continued to use her routines and follow her advice. And if I ever have doubts that I am doing the right thing, I just have to look at my thriving, contented baby.....

Ana, Central London.

Night Nursing

Brenda was the night nurse for our second son Pietro. She was like a Mary Poppins! She helped us alot and advised us on how to get Pietro onto a good routine. When we interviewed her she said we would not hear the baby while she was with him. I thought that was impossible in a small flat, it was true! Pietro was very happy with Brenda!

Evgenia, Ealing - Anya 4.5 months.

Sleep Training

I contacted Brenda after a friend recommended her as a sleep trainer for babies. This was at a time when my daughter was 4.5 months and I was on the verge of a breakdown due to sleep deprivation, as well as feeling completely out of control and dreading each new day. My daughter was not on any routine and I had miserably failed with DIY sleep training after reading multiple books. The baby was sleeping with white noise from my phone app which disturbed my and my husband's sleep, and we were struggling with swaddling because by that age she was already fighting it. The worst thing was that the baby didn't sleep for longer than 40-60 minutes at a time at night, and I found myself getting up and giving her the breast every hour (!), because I didn't know when I should feed her versus just comforting her. Her naps in the daytime were erratic and I was super-stressed trying to get her down. The naps were super-short. The baby was super-tired, clingy and difficult to manage. Dummies didn't work and the only thing that I could do to send her to sleep was to either rock her to sleep or keep her on the breast. The whole experience was exhausting and I hated myself for resenting my baby.


When Brenda arrived, the change in my baby's behavior was almost immediate - it was like Brenda was a magician! Implementing Brenda's recommendations was the single best thing I had done since becoming a mum. Anya's sleep improved by 80% within 48 hours and she was sleeping from 7pm till 6-6.30am within several days. Brenda's coaching during her visit, as well as support afterwards really helped me to change my mindset from a victim to feeling like I am in control. All the hard work over the first few weeks really paid off, so that even after Anya was ill for a few days (and I was afraid that all the hard work would have gone to waste and we'd be back to square one with disturbed nights), she was able to quickly get back to sleeping through the night after recovery while keeping all her naps. Every day now, I am still amazed that it is possible for me to just put my baby to the cot, walk out and she would quickly fall asleep by herself (something I could have never imagined just 2 months ago). When I look at the baby monitor, I cannot stop being amazed how this baby who I thought would never be able to learn to sleep on her own is now happily resettling herself without crying for help. My daughter is a happy baby who is growing and developing well and is a real delight to be with.

My quality of life has massively improved in the past few weeks, and I am finally enjoying my baby! When I hear how my NCT friends with babies of the same age are now struggling even though their babies appeared to be good sleepers in the first few months, I can fully appreciate the value of Brenda's recommendations (especially a strict routine). Hiring Brenda has been one of the best investments I've ever done, and I am recommending her to my friends.

Thank you so much once again for all your help and support.

Miranda, Brighton - Suraya 8 years.

Sleep Training
We found Brenda when we were at our lowest ebb and had completely lost control of our 8 year old daughter. Her behaviour was off the scale from being violent and refusing to do anything she was told including going to bed. Brenda was an absolute saviour, after only spending an afternoon with us, she was able to offer the best advice and support that that then continued for the next month. She gave us the confidence that we needed and was able to show us how our own behaviour was escalating these issues. She gave us the tools to deal with the bad behaviour and I can honestly say we haven’t looked back. It’s been a long journey but with Brenda’s support we were able to get our lives back on track and we now have a happy, well behaved and confident daughter!  We can’t thank her enough and we would highly recommend her to anyone.

Hannah, Loughborough - Bradley 10 weeks.

Sleep Training

When you have a legal matter to deal with you would contact a legal team, if you had tooth ache you would see a dentist, when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep, you call Brenda. It doesn’t make you a bad parent, you just need guidance from an expert!

As a first time Mum I was apprehensive about pregnancy, labour and adapting to life with a baby. I had the idyllic perception of having a baby who may cry now and again but would sleep all day as babies do?! I never thought that severe sleep deprivation would be on the cards for me.


When my son was born, a whole new level of exhaustion hit. Some may call it colic, some may call it silent reflux. Either way I had a baby only sleeping for 3/6 hours in 24, not feeding properly and constantly screaming. I didn’t sleep for more than 2/3 hours a night within the first 7 weeks. People would say “sleep when the baby sleeps” WHAT IF YOU HAVE A BABY THAT DOES NOT SLEEP?! I then had to go back to work.

My best friend came to visit and saw how unsettled my son was and left my house looking as devastated as me. A few days later she called me to tell me about a sleep trainer her mother’s friend had hired. “a lady called Brenda got our friends baby sleeping through straight away” within 3 minutes of finishing the call to googling Brenda, I was on the phone to her! My son was 10 weeks old. I asked Brenda to come and stay at my house and meet my little boy. She was clearly so experienced, she took one look at my son and could instantly make an analogy. He was never going to be a baby to sleep all day and all night. He was a big, greedy baby, he was never going to create his own routine as all my friend’s babies seemed to do so well! I needed to intervene and set this out for him. Within 2 days of Brenda helping me with his routine, he was sleeping through most the night and he was feeding properly. I instantly had a different baby. He is now 9 months old and has slept through every night. My alarm is set every morning for 6:55am to wake him up at 7am. We have the same structure every day. Some people found it hysterical how pedantic I have been about his routine, they are now quick to ask me what I do because their babies are now not sleeping through.

Brenda was worth every penny. So much so that I have told numerous people about her, they have hired her services. I paid a monthly fee until last month for a text service. That reassurance was invaluable to me and my husband. She really knows her stuff and responds very quickly to you. If you are reading this now and are thinking about calling her, do it. I would have re-mortgaged my house if somebody told me I could have got my son to sleep through. 

Suzi, Wimbledon - Charlie 13 weeks and again at 2.5 years

Sleep Training

What would Brenda Say? These are the words that echo in our household almost on a daily basis!


Since first meeting Brenda when my eldest son was just 13 weeks, her knowledge, advice, techniques and no nonsense approach has transformed our lives. In just one short visit, Brenda assessed my son, listened to our routine, told me where I was going wrong and gave me the tools to sleep train. Three days later my son was sleeping 7-7 and still at the age of nearly 2.5, enjoys a two hour lunchtime nap and 12 solid hours sleep every night. 


But Brenda is so much more than a sleep trainer. I had to call on Brenda's services a couple of months ago to help me deal with the Terrible Twos! My second son was born in October and his arrival clearly unsettled my eldest. Tantrums were increasing, the fussy eating became intolerable and the screaming unbearable. With a newborn baby in the house, something had to give. After a distressed call to Brenda, she was over a few days later sorting us all out again. Her advice and reassurance has yet again transformed our household and after about 10 days of following her rules, I saw a dramatic change in behaviour.


Forget what you read in the books and what you see on the TV, every child is different and with over 30 years experience, Brenda can tailor an approach to deal with the most testing toddler or nightmare sleeper. Thanks to Brenda, I have two amazing sleepers and a toddler who is learning that tantrums and screaming no longer get him the things he wants. And more importantly, my husband and I are better, happier parents who sleep!!


Brenda, thank you!


Florence, Brighton - Mabel, 6 months

Sleep Training

We got in touch with Brenda when our daughter was 6 months old as she had been highly recommended to us by a family friend. We were attempting to follow some of the 'attachment parenting' principles (baby weaning/co-sleeping) and while I am sure it works for many it was not working for us and something had to change. Initially I was very wary of sleep training, I didn't think I even agreed with it and did not feel confident leaving Mabel to cry, I was very nervous at what Brenda might suggest. However, Brenda was exackly what we needed! She listened to what we had to say and to our personnel limitations on what we felt we could do. She agreed that consistency in what we did was very important but allowed us to drop the night feeds gradually which we then cut out completely over the next week or two. It was the contact we had 24/7 afterwards that was just as important as the initial consultation. Within a few weeks Mabel was sleeping through the night, going down easily for naps, and seemed happier than ever with her routine and assured parents. Our lives have changed so much since we saw Brenda and I couldn't recommend her enough....the catalyst for change that we needed so badly! Thank you Brenda for giving me my sanity back and allowing me the gift of actually enjoying this first year with my daughter rather than just surviving it!

Larissa, Thames Ditton - Matthew, 4 years with special needs

Sleep Training
Potty training

Shortly after our daughter was born it was evident that Matthew was developing much slower than his peers and he was diagnosed as having something called 'Global developmental Delay.'
We stumbled through two years of very disturbed nights. This made it excruciating for us to work the next day and for him to go to pre school. We hoped that some of the therapies would improve his sleep. During this time we learnt from a community nurse that 80% of children with delayed development had difficulty with sleep. We consulted with our pediatrician who prescribed sedatives that we used occasionally. Matthew was barely making it through the day and we were barely making it through the week. We finally reached breaking point one October day in 2012.

We contacted Brenda who observed Matthew and her reasoning was that despite Matthew's special needs he still needed to sleep and rest properly to develop. Fast forward three months and on a good night he will sleep from 8pm to 5.30am. He still wakes 3/4 times a week but stays in his room until we come and fetch him. We are working towards a 6.30am waking but we are in a much better place as a family. We have also noticed Matthews development has improved as a result.

We have also consulted with Brenda on toilet training. Although Matthew has no speech he can sign. 1 month later although he is still in pull -ups he happily goes to the toilet to 'have a go' even if nothing happens.

In summary Brenda's help and guidance has turned our lives around. we feel more confident as parents and more proactive on a day to day basis. We would recommend anyone who has a child with special needs and is having issues to get in touch with Brenda.

Lisa, Highgate - Emily 8 Weeks


My husband and I asked for Brenda to support us with our second baby. We needed to make sure we had enough energy for our first born, a very active toddler. Our second baby started to pick up some bad sleep habits as she started coming out of the new born phase of sleeping anywhere, anytime. We were pretty desperate to correct the habits before they became too established. Brenda came along and after having listened to us, she gave us both theoretical and practical advice. We got our first decent night's sleep that night. It was heavenly. Her experience and knowledge is invaluable and her telephone support has given us further comfort and taken the fear out of how to move forward. It is however about team work and we realised that we needed to commit 100% as well to achieve success. Emily, our baby, slept through the night from 10 weeks. Something our first born took 8 months to do. The only regret we do have, is not having Brenda to help with our first born. It would have meant less bags under our eyes and feeling more human. I recommend her to friends and family as having enough sleep is just too important when you are looking after little ones.

Melissa, Manchester - Zachery, 2 years

Sleep Training

I have known Brenda for nearly four years and she has helped me with all of my three boys regarding sleep, eating and behavior. This is about the behavior of my youngest son Zachary

At 18 months Zachary wasn't walking only bum shuffling. He started to take his frustrations out on his siblings, my husband and his soul mate my mum. He released his frustration by screaming and having tantrums, but as I had had two boys before I was very good at ignoring these paddies. Occasionally Zachary would bang his head while having a tantrum so we would go over and settle him. He soon clicked on to the idea that if he banged his head we would come over and give him attention so it became more frequent and a habit.
It became so much of a habit that Zachary was banging his head more than 20 times a day and night and he was becoming bruised and misshapen.

This was causing me huge distress and I decided I would call upon Brenda's help again. We consulted with Brenda on Skype again and she came up with a wonderful idea and a plan for us to follow.
We knew that the only way Zachary would stop banging his head was to ignore him so Brenda suggested we lag every spindle in the cot with foam and use cot bumpers so that Zachary would not hurt himself. We looked on the internet for a toddler helmet and found one that fitted Zachary perfectly that he could wear in the day. This meant he was safe from the head banging for 24 hours a day.

After three nights he stopped banging his head and after a week we didn't hear a murmur at night. We had the odd night where he would cry on and off a few times but we put this down to stubbornness. However six weeks on I can say he is officially sleeping through the night and has done for weeks. His behavior in the day is much better and the tantrums are few and far between. We no longer need the helmet.

Brenda is my life saver, I not only have my sleep back but I have my son back. I can't thank her enough.

Louise, Clapham - Lilah, 5 Years

Sleep Training

Brenda came for consultation when my daughter was 5. I thought initially Brenda would say that sleep training a 5 year old is not something she would do. However, Brenda took on the challenge and much to our surprise and total delight just after 3 nights of screaming and tantrums the habit of a life time was broken. I truly believe that Brenda’s no fussy and direct approach was the answer. She gave us a very clear and concise strategy to follow which were not rocket science but coming from someone with as much experience as Brenda it gave us the confidence and strength we needed to make the changes. Brenda is a true miracle worker and passionate about what she does. She comes with an ore that children no matter what age seem to respect and understand. My advice to any parents going through sleep issues with their children is to call Brenda I could not recommend her more highly!