British Summer Time Ends

Another summer gone and the clocks change once again. Mums are always asking how they can manage this with the routine. This means next Sunday, as it is early Sunday morning when we change the clocks, bedtime will come round an hour earlier because we have put the time back an hour but everyone will have got up later on the old time so you can extend your child's day. An hour's clock change doesn't seem much when we travel so frequently over time zones. Its like jet lag, just follow the new time on the clock and your child's natural body clock will adjust.
The day will start as usual for most children but bedtime will come round sooner. So I suggest you make that hour up in the day by 'tweeting' the routine slightly here and there through the day by 5/10 minute changes so everything is slightly later. Adjust your baby's naps slightly so the bed routine starts later. Older children from 2 years can manage better with a later bedtime. To adjust to the new time and get the routine on track start the routine Monday morning as usual on the new time. Don't let your child sleep later. Monday morning everyone has to wake up on the new time, and by Tuesday we have forgotten the clock change and our bodies have adjusted.