Changing the Clock from BST

I am often asked by parents, 'how can they adjust their child's routine to fit into the new time change.' When BST ends and the clocks go BACK an hour, your child will be super tired at the end of the day because they have had an extra hour to fill. Keep them going to reach the new time change. This is easier than when the clocks go forward as then your child's day is one hour shorter. When the clocks go FORWARD in the Spring, your child looses an hour in the day so they will have to go to bed an hour later to compensate for the loss of the hour in the day. As long as the next day starts at the usual consistent time before you made the clock change it will reset your child's body clock. The following 48 hours after the change maybe a struggle if your child is tired, but if you make the effort they will gradually move into a consistent routine in their day on the new time.

.....within only a few days we have all adjusted to the timings and the clock change is usually forgotten.