The Difference Between Boys and Girls.

Having worked with babies and children for many years I have seen clear biological differences. This is my general observation, I am sure everyone has a different view.

  • ​Baby girls are more independent and reach their milestones quicker. Baby boys are less articulate, take more time to develop skills and are more needy.  
  • Baby girls sleep through the night earlier than baby boys and generally potty train quicker.
  • Baby girls being more articulate will start to spoon feed themselves, baby boys like to sit with their mouths open and be spoon fed for longer.
  • Girls will wake up in the morning in their cot and will entertain themselves. Boys will wake up and shout as they are full of energy and want to start the day.
  • Girls will go off and amuse themselves with different activities. Boys play very well but often have to be directed into play.
  • Girls like to talk and manipulate their way out of trouble. Boys are more likely to hit or run away using their physical strength to defend themselves.
  • Teenage girls can be very moody and argumentative. Teenage boys don't express their feelings so well but enjoy their own company.
  • Both boys and girls want to be independent and enjoy spreading their wings.

A mum said to me once "Boys are like dogs and girls are like cats" how true she was!

Whatever their characteristics we love them all.....