Florence, Brighton - Mabel, 6 months

Sleep Training

We got in touch with Brenda when our daughter was 6 months old as she had been highly recommended to us by a family friend. We were attempting to follow some of the 'attachment parenting' principles (baby weaning/co-sleeping) and while I am sure it works for many it was not working for us and something had to change. Initially I was very wary of sleep training, I didn't think I even agreed with it and did not feel confident leaving Mabel to cry, I was very nervous at what Brenda might suggest. However, Brenda was exackly what we needed! She listened to what we had to say and to our personnel limitations on what we felt we could do. She agreed that consistency in what we did was very important but allowed us to drop the night feeds gradually which we then cut out completely over the next week or two. It was the contact we had 24/7 afterwards that was just as important as the initial consultation. Within a few weeks Mabel was sleeping through the night, going down easily for naps, and seemed happier than ever with her routine and assured parents. Our lives have changed so much since we saw Brenda and I couldn't recommend her enough....the catalyst for change that we needed so badly! Thank you Brenda for giving me my sanity back and allowing me the gift of actually enjoying this first year with my daughter rather than just surviving it!