Hannah, Loughborough - Bradley 10 weeks.

Sleep Training

When you have a legal matter to deal with you would contact a legal team, if you had tooth ache you would see a dentist, when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep, you call Brenda. It doesn’t make you a bad parent, you just need guidance from an expert!

As a first time Mum I was apprehensive about pregnancy, labour and adapting to life with a baby. I had the idyllic perception of having a baby who may cry now and again but would sleep all day as babies do?! I never thought that severe sleep deprivation would be on the cards for me.


When my son was born, a whole new level of exhaustion hit. Some may call it colic, some may call it silent reflux. Either way I had a baby only sleeping for 3/6 hours in 24, not feeding properly and constantly screaming. I didn’t sleep for more than 2/3 hours a night within the first 7 weeks. People would say “sleep when the baby sleeps” WHAT IF YOU HAVE A BABY THAT DOES NOT SLEEP?! I then had to go back to work.

My best friend came to visit and saw how unsettled my son was and left my house looking as devastated as me. A few days later she called me to tell me about a sleep trainer her mother’s friend had hired. “a lady called Brenda got our friends baby sleeping through straight away” within 3 minutes of finishing the call to googling Brenda, I was on the phone to her! My son was 10 weeks old. I asked Brenda to come and stay at my house and meet my little boy. She was clearly so experienced, she took one look at my son and could instantly make an analogy. He was never going to be a baby to sleep all day and all night. He was a big, greedy baby, he was never going to create his own routine as all my friend’s babies seemed to do so well! I needed to intervene and set this out for him. Within 2 days of Brenda helping me with his routine, he was sleeping through most the night and he was feeding properly. I instantly had a different baby. He is now 9 months old and has slept through every night. My alarm is set every morning for 6:55am to wake him up at 7am. We have the same structure every day. Some people found it hysterical how pedantic I have been about his routine, they are now quick to ask me what I do because their babies are now not sleeping through.

Brenda was worth every penny. So much so that I have told numerous people about her, they have hired her services. I paid a monthly fee until last month for a text service. That reassurance was invaluable to me and my husband. She really knows her stuff and responds very quickly to you. If you are reading this now and are thinking about calling her, do it. I would have re-mortgaged my house if somebody told me I could have got my son to sleep through.