How To Keep Children Cool In The Hot Weather

While it does not get hot too often in the UK, we need to know how to help keep babies and children cool as well as ourselves.

Try to go out early morning or late afternoon when the sun's rays are less powerful. Put a hat and light clothing on your child and keep them under the shade as much as possible. Use sun protection cream which is suitsble for young babies and children. It should be kind to sensitive skins and high in protection. Make sure your child is drinking well, lots of water but not sugery drinks. Babies can have sips of cooled boiled water from a non spill cup or from a bottle between breast and bottle feeds. Reduce active activities like the park to a minimum if possible with plenty of shade and rest in between. The garden is a great place to be in the summer with a paddling pool as you have all you need at home.

At night keep your child's room cool with a fan. They don't mind the continuous sound if you leave it on when they are sleeping, its like white noise. Close the curtains in the day time and make sure night wear is light. You can buy very light gro bags for your child to sleep in. If your child wears only a nappy and a light gro bag this would be acceptable. Keep the room ventilated with the window and door open to create a flow of air.