Jo, North Wales - Twins 4.5 months

Sleep Training

With a 3 month old and 4.5 month old twins life was a bit of a blur! I knew what I had to do as I had done it with my older boy-I needed a routine but try as I might I could not achieve this. I was letting them cry and cry but I would relent by getting them up or giving them milk. I was worried one would wake the other or the older one and I was existing each day. Brenda took time to listen and go through a standard day on Skype. She was direct by pinpointing the issues and listened to my concerns. The routine and advice was straight forward and she had advice for every 'but what if this happened' that I raised. Within 3 hours the house was calmer, within 3 days the boys were sleeping 7pm to 7am and taking naps consistently and predictable through the day. It wasn't easy but it was quick and Brenda was available when my resolve looked like it was going to fail me. I cannot stress enough the difference this has made to myself and my husband. Brenda-apologies this has taken me so long to send. So much to catch up on now I have time to myself. In the 3.5 months since I have followed your advice I have not had one broken nights sleep, even when they have been unwell. Thank you so much x