Life's Up's And Down's

While visiting and speaking to parents I hear lots of stories, some sad and some very happy ones. Starting a family and conceiving a child is as we know not always plain sailing. Everyones circumstances are different but I was particularly moved by this story from a family in the Midlands that I was asked to visit this week, which in turn is also Valentines week, so I thought I would  share it with you.
The mum was not able to conceive a baby after several years of trying with her husband. This was due to one of her fallopian tubes being blocked and possible other reasons. So she was admitted to hospital to have the tube unblocked. It was a simple procedure but the hospital managed to make a mistake and admitted the surgery had not been done correctly. The hospital offered the couple one free go of IVF treatment on the NHS to compensate for their mistake but only 'one' egg was saved during ovulation. The couple only had the one attempt at IVF, privately was not an option as they could not afford it. 
Low and behold the egg planted in mum's womb grew successfully and a gorgeous baby girl was born. There were also high's and low's in the first few months because the baby for the first 8 weeks did not put on any weight. 
Now she is 10 months, fully breast fed and looks a picture of health. The problem is she is not eating well and waking several times at night, so that is why they called me. So with the grandparents present I have put a plan in place to sort the issues.
Even though they love their little girl dearly the wakings were taking their toll on the family and unfortunately they could not sustain the current situation like a lot of families. We will correct the eating and sleeping and put her on track, then they can enjoy their most precious daughter even more.