Lisa, Highgate - Emily 8 Weeks


My husband and I asked for Brenda to support us with our second baby. We needed to make sure we had enough energy for our first born, a very active toddler. Our second baby started to pick up some bad sleep habits as she started coming out of the new born phase of sleeping anywhere, anytime. We were pretty desperate to correct the habits before they became too established. Brenda came along and after having listened to us, she gave us both theoretical and practical advice. We got our first decent night's sleep that night. It was heavenly. Her experience and knowledge is invaluable and her telephone support has given us further comfort and taken the fear out of how to move forward. It is however about team work and we realised that we needed to commit 100% as well to achieve success. Emily, our baby, slept through the night from 10 weeks. Something our first born took 8 months to do. The only regret we do have, is not having Brenda to help with our first born. It would have meant less bags under our eyes and feeling more human. I recommend her to friends and family as having enough sleep is just too important when you are looking after little ones.