Louise, Clapham - Lilah, 5 Years

Sleep Training

Brenda came for consultation when my daughter was 5. I thought initially Brenda would say that sleep training a 5 year old is not something she would do. However, Brenda took on the challenge and much to our surprise and total delight just after 3 nights of screaming and tantrums the habit of a life time was broken. I truly believe that Brenda’s no fussy and direct approach was the answer. She gave us a very clear and concise strategy to follow which were not rocket science but coming from someone with as much experience as Brenda it gave us the confidence and strength we needed to make the changes. Brenda is a true miracle worker and passionate about what she does. She comes with an ore that children no matter what age seem to respect and understand. My advice to any parents going through sleep issues with their children is to call Brenda I could not recommend her more highly!