Melissa, Manchester - Zachery, 2 years

Sleep Training

I have known Brenda for nearly four years and she has helped me with all of my three boys regarding sleep, eating and behavior. This is about the behavior of my youngest son Zachary

At 18 months Zachary wasn't walking only bum shuffling. He started to take his frustrations out on his siblings, my husband and his soul mate my mum. He released his frustration by screaming and having tantrums, but as I had had two boys before I was very good at ignoring these paddies. Occasionally Zachary would bang his head while having a tantrum so we would go over and settle him. He soon clicked on to the idea that if he banged his head we would come over and give him attention so it became more frequent and a habit.
It became so much of a habit that Zachary was banging his head more than 20 times a day and night and he was becoming bruised and misshapen.

This was causing me huge distress and I decided I would call upon Brenda's help again. We consulted with Brenda on Skype again and she came up with a wonderful idea and a plan for us to follow.
We knew that the only way Zachary would stop banging his head was to ignore him so Brenda suggested we lag every spindle in the cot with foam and use cot bumpers so that Zachary would not hurt himself. We looked on the internet for a toddler helmet and found one that fitted Zachary perfectly that he could wear in the day. This meant he was safe from the head banging for 24 hours a day.

After three nights he stopped banging his head and after a week we didn't hear a murmur at night. We had the odd night where he would cry on and off a few times but we put this down to stubbornness. However six weeks on I can say he is officially sleeping through the night and has done for weeks. His behavior in the day is much better and the tantrums are few and far between. We no longer need the helmet.

Brenda is my life saver, I not only have my sleep back but I have my son back. I can't thank her enough.