Miranda, Brighton - Suraya 8 years.

Sleep Training
We found Brenda when we were at our lowest ebb and had completely lost control of our 8 year old daughter. Her behaviour was off the scale from being violent and refusing to do anything she was told including going to bed. Brenda was an absolute saviour, after only spending an afternoon with us, she was able to offer the best advice and support that that then continued for the next month. She gave us the confidence that we needed and was able to show us how our own behaviour was escalating these issues. She gave us the tools to deal with the bad behaviour and I can honestly say we haven’t looked back. It’s been a long journey but with Brenda’s support we were able to get our lives back on track and we now have a happy, well behaved and confident daughter!  We can’t thank her enough and we would highly recommend her to anyone.