Moving Your Child From A Cot To A Bed

​When is the best time to move your child from the cot to a bed?

Leave this transition as late as possible. The cot contains the child so whats the hurry? I normally suggest around 3 years of age. If you need the cot for a new baby buy a small cheap one for the intermediate period. Reasons for leaving it as late as possible are:

  • Your child will have a better understanding of language and will be talking more. This means you can explain the transition better and they can express their thoughts. Make the transition more gradual by buying a 'cot bed.'
  • Explanation discussion and reason means they are less likely to want to get out of bed, although this may change further down the line. Make it more exciting and buy a lovely duvet, pillow or bedroom furniture.
  • At the age of 3 years there may well be other changes in your childs life like starting nursery or potty training. All this will increase your child's independance so moving to a bed compliment's and coincides with other changes in their life.
  • Your child should enjoy their new independance.