Paula, Putney - Mara 9 weeks

Sleep Training
Night Nursing


Life changing for the whole family

Overall 5 stars *****

I am the mother of four gorgeous and very active little ones (6, 4, 2, and 3 months old baby) and I thought by now I would be able to manage with a non-sleeper the first few months. I had done it before anyway, right? But I was wrong. I was so exhausted with the broken nights that I could not cope with the days and the huge demands of my other little children. I was desperate when I contacted Brenda with a long list of issues I thought she could help with. The number one: could she help our 8 week old baby sleep through the night? She explained the importance of getting things right from an early start and the different ways in which she could help. She also gave me the contact of a mother of three she had just started working with so I could check her references, which was very kind, as she already has lots of great references, but I wanted to check how her methods worked with big families. 

Brenda came to our home for a three hour consultation and stayed with us for one night, to start the sleep training with our baby. She set up a strict routine that we implemented it from day one and our baby went from waking up 3-5 times to feed in the night to sleeping through the night (11-12 hours!) in just 3 days! But probably the most helpful thing was to have her on the other side of the line to share any difficulties or anxiety during the first weeks of the new routine. She would answer promptly telling me how to tweak the routine on those days when things did not go as plan. Our baby is now 3 months old has been sleeping through the night most nights for the last month. She is such a happy little thing and I feel like I have a life again.

We were reluctant to spend the money on this as, for us, a night nurse is something only rich people have, but looking back, I would do it again and again and again. Everything is easier when you sleep, so we can now cope better with our other kids needs too. I recommend anyone considering getting help to talk to Brenda on the phone at least, then you can make a call. And if you have already decided to get help, I cannot recommend Brenda highly enough!