A Shortage Of Space.

Many families live in flats because of the high cost of housing. They are just as likely living in a flat with neighbours close by to have some ongoing issues with their child's sleep. Despite the restricted space "where there's a will there's a way." A bespoke plan can be adapted to your living situation so your child can be encouraged to sleep better in a shared room or in a room on their own. I have visited many families over the years who live in flats but it seems to have increased more and more. However, sleep training can still be very successful as one mum here explains:

We were experiencing real difficulties getting our 5 ½ month old son to take a bottle and sleep through the night. I am planning to return to work very soon and was experiencing a lot of anxiety about his bottle refusal. This coupled with extreme sleep deprivation was proving incredibly tough, especially given that we are living in a one bed flat.  Within 24 hours of contacting Brenda about our son’s feeding and sleeping issues she had visited us and helped us implement a routine to address both these issues. Within 3 days he was taking a bottle reasonably well and had made huge progress with his sleeping. I was astounded that by us sticking to the simple routine we saw such rapid improvements, particularly given that we are so restricted with space in our one bed flat. I would strongly recommend Brenda’s services if you are struggling with your babies sleep or feeding issues.