Suzi, Wimbledon - Charlie 13 weeks and again at 2.5 years

Sleep Training

What would Brenda Say? These are the words that echo in our household almost on a daily basis!


Since first meeting Brenda when my eldest son was just 13 weeks, her knowledge, advice, techniques and no nonsense approach has transformed our lives. In just one short visit, Brenda assessed my son, listened to our routine, told me where I was going wrong and gave me the tools to sleep train. Three days later my son was sleeping 7-7 and still at the age of nearly 2.5, enjoys a two hour lunchtime nap and 12 solid hours sleep every night. 


But Brenda is so much more than a sleep trainer. I had to call on Brenda's services a couple of months ago to help me deal with the Terrible Twos! My second son was born in October and his arrival clearly unsettled my eldest. Tantrums were increasing, the fussy eating became intolerable and the screaming unbearable. With a newborn baby in the house, something had to give. After a distressed call to Brenda, she was over a few days later sorting us all out again. Her advice and reassurance has yet again transformed our household and after about 10 days of following her rules, I saw a dramatic change in behaviour.


Forget what you read in the books and what you see on the TV, every child is different and with over 30 years experience, Brenda can tailor an approach to deal with the most testing toddler or nightmare sleeper. Thanks to Brenda, I have two amazing sleepers and a toddler who is learning that tantrums and screaming no longer get him the things he wants. And more importantly, my husband and I are better, happier parents who sleep!!


Brenda, thank you!