Victoria, Chiswick - Siena 2.5 Years

Sleep Training
Fussy Eating

We sought Brenda's help with our daughter Siena because even at almost 2.5 years she was still not regularly sleeping through the night, getting her down to sleep was a nightly battle and she would always wake up screaming several times in the evening. She was also not eating well and was generally unhappy and hard work during the daytime. With a 3.5 year old also in the house (who had also started waking at 5am) this was making life extremely challenging!

Eventually we decided to get some help and Brenda was recommended. She came to visit on the same day we contacted her, observed our bedtime routine and immediately recommended some simple but very effective changes to how we were doing things with both children. We were hoping it would help but had no idea that Brenda's advice would transform things literally overnight. By following her recommendations and sticking to them our little girl has become a perfect sleeper, is eating far, far better and has generally become a much happier, more content little girl. We never knew that our little girl was capable of eating so much. It is a joy and pleasure to see her eating her food now and can only assume that once we got the sleeping fixed then the eating and behaviour would follow suit. It is really quite remarkable, the change in her in such a short space of time. Our boy is also sleeping in until 7am each day.

It has made a massive difference to our lives and we can't recommend Brenda highly enough. If you are having sleeping, eating or general behavioural problems get in touch with Brenda.